About us

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Many accountants will talk about providing a personal service but here at Virgo Associates we truly do.  As a client you will only ever have one fully qualified, experienced accountant working on your affairs.  Be it preparing your VAT returns or periodic bookkeeping through to in depth tax planning. (Please see our Services page for details of the extensive range of services we offer).

This ensures we have a detailed knowledge of all of your business and personal financial needs.

Virgo Associates are proud to be based in Bedford and enjoy serving our local community, however, we also work with businesses and individuals across the UK and currently have currently clients in Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, London, Northamptonshire and Somerset.

We build personal relationships with our clients to ensure we deliver the highest possible quality service and will go above and beyond to make things as easy as possible for you.

Here at Virgo Associates we hate receiving unexpected bills and as such we will always agree fixed fees up front with you and when we say fixed we mean fixed.  We want our clients to speak to us without fear of getting a bill for a five minute conversation.

If you would like to discuss how we could help you or your business please visit our Contact us page and we’ll arrange to have a completely free, no obligation, and confidential chat.